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Welcome to AESTHETICA ASIA 2017

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our special privilege and honour to invite you on 26th Oct to 29th Oct. 2017 at Port Blair, Andaman for 2nd AESTHETICA ASIA 2017.

After the successful 1st AESTHETICA ASIA conference at Grand Hotel, Kolkata we expect to provide technical demonstrations, and numerous opportunities for informal networking. The focus of the Conference is to create awareness about the interdisciplinary approach to the aesthetic practice & provide a holistic approach to management.

The Organizing committee is working hard to make it a really memorable event and the objective of the meeting is to provide didactic, highly interactive sessions to learn from world leaders in aesthetic medicine and surgery. This year we have introduced many new hands on workshops & master classes to sharpen the skills.

We look forward to welcome you in Port Blair, Andaman for this exciting academic bonanza.

With Regards
Dr. Rathindra Nath Dutta
President & Chairperson

Conference Highlights

  • Vitiligo surgery
  • Acne Scar Management
  • PRP
  • Fillers, along with advanced indicators
  • Lasers
  • Chemical Peels
  • Liquid Face Lift
  • Comprehensive Management of Alopecia
  • Nail Surgery
  • Management of Hyper-Pigmentation
  • Nail aesthetics- Problems and how to manage
  • Suturing Techniques
  • Counseling Patients and Aesthetic Procedures
  • How to write a Research Project
  • Medico-legal Aspects
  • Setting up a Cosmetic Practice/ Organizing an Aesthetic Clinic
  • Maintaining Aesthetics with Physical Exercise and Yoga
  • Diet & Rejuvenation
  • Liposuction
  • Fat Transfer
  • Hair Transplantation


Faculty Committee
Guest of Honor
Shri Anindo Majumdar, IAS-1985, Chief Secretary- Andaman & Nicobar Administration
Dr. Sipra Paul, Director, Health Services (DHS) - The Andaman & Nicobar Island, DHFW Director - Andaman & Nicobar Island Institute of Medical Sciences (ANIIMS) Dr. Utpal Sharma - B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, BRAIT
Dr. A. J. Kanwar Dr. A. K. Bajaj Dr. C. R. Srinivas Dr. Debabrata Bandhopadhyay
Dr. Devesh Mishra Dr. Ganesh Pai Dr. K. N. Baruah Dr. S. S. Choudhury
Dr. S. S. Saha Dr. S. Sacchidanand Dr. S.C. Mallick Dr. S.K. Bhattacharjee
Dr. Sanjiv Kandhari Dr. Shyam Verma Dr. Suresh Talwar Dr. V. P. Kuriyipe
Dr. Venkatraman Mysore Dr. Y. S. Marfatia    
Organizing Committee
Dr. Rathindra Nath Dutta
Dr. Amar Kant Jha Amar Dr. Anil Ganjoo Dr. Ganga Prasad Dr. K. L. Bhattacharya
Dr. K. Lokendra Dr. Kanak Talukdar Dr. (Col) Manas Chatterjee Dr. Rohit Batra
Dr. S. C. Mallick Dr. Sudip Das
Organizing Secretary
Dr. Asim Kumar Sarkar
Executive Secretary
Dr. Apratim Goel, Dr. R. K. Halder
Jt. Organizing Secretary
Dr. Abhishek Jha Dr. Ankur Talwar Dr. Asha Rani Bhol Dr. Indrajit Das
Dr. Rajiv Thakur Dr. Sambeet Mallick Dr. Swetlina Pradhan
  Assistant Secretary
Dr. Poonam Agarwal
Dr. Mridula Patra Paul
International Faculty Committee
Scientific Committee
Chief Advisor
Prof. R. Raghunatha Reddy
Prof. Nilendu Sarma
Dr. Arun Prasad
Dr. C. S. Sirka
Dr. Gautam Banerjee
Dr. Koushik Lahiri
Dr. Nandkishore Th.
Dr. Ravi Vikram Singh
Dr. Sandipan Dhar
Dr. Shyamanta Baruah
Dr. Y. A. Lal      
Scientific Secretary
Dr. Abhishek De
Joint Scientific Secretary
Dr. Abhijit Saha
Dr. Anupam Das Dr. Bikash Ranjan Kar
Dr. Debjit Kar (Orissa)
Dr. Ishad Agarwal
Dr. Joly Seth
Dr. Madhuri Agarwal
Dr. Manas Ranjan Puhan
Dr. Niharika Ranjan Lal
Dr. Samipa Mukherjee
Dr. Soma Sarkar
Quiz Committee
Dr. Manas Chatterjee
Dr. Biju Vasudevan
Sub - Committee
Dr. Anupam Das
Dr. Arup Pal (Silchar)
Dr. Bhabani Singh (Orissa)
Dr. Indrajit Das
Dr. Pankaj Tiwari (Bihar) Dr. Saloni Katoch (Assam)
Dr. Shibashis Patro (Orissa)
Souvenir Committee
Dr. Nitin Mukherjee
Dr. Sudhakar Rao
Exhibition Committee
Dr. Piyali Chatterjee
Dr. Aarti Sarda
Registration Committee
Dr. S. N. Choudhury
Dr. Dipayan Sengupta
Dr. A. B. Samanta
Dr. A. K. Bajaj
Dr. Abhishek De
Dr. Alok Roy
Dr. Anil Abraham
Dr. Anil Ganjoo
Dr. Anuj Pall Dr. Asim Sarkar
Dr. Asit Mittal Dr. Bela Shah Dr. Bijay Majumdar Dr. C. S. Sirka
Dr. D. J. Patil Dr. Dilip Shah Dr. Dinesh Mathur Dr. Ganesh Pai
Dr. Hema Jerajani Dr. Koushik Lahiri Dr. L. D. Dhami Dr. Lim Ting Song
Dr. M. L. Gambhir Dr. Madhuri Agarwal Dr. Manas Chatterjee Dr. Mukesh Girdhar
Dr. Murlidhar Rajagopalan Dr. N. G. Patwardhan Dr. Narendra Gokhle Dr. Neeraj Pandey
Dr. Nilendu Sarma Dr. Nitin Depe Dr. Nitin Walia Dr. Pankaj Tiwari
Dr. Piyali Chatterjee Dr. Prasanta Bhattacharya Dr. R. K. Bharti Dr. R. Raghunatha Reddy
Dr. Rajat Kandhari Dr. Rathindra Nath Dutta Dr. Rishi Parasar Dr. Rohit Batra
Dr. Rohit Batra Dr. S. Sacchidanand Dr. Samipa Mukherjee Dr. Sandipan Dhar
Dr. Sanjeev Aurangbadkar Dr. Sanjeev Handa Dr. Sanjeev Vaishampayan Dr. Sarkar Mehboob Ahmed Shamim
Dr. Satish S. Savant Dr. Shantanu Tripathi Dr. Shyam Verma Dr. Shyamanta Baruah
Dr. Soma Sarkar Dr. Somesh Gupta Dr. Sunil Dogra Dr. Surajit Biswas
Dr. V. K. Jain Dr. Venkat Raman Mysore Dr. Vibek Kumar Dr. Zamzachin
Dr. Zeenat Meraj Shopna



Registration Rates
Category Early Bird
(valid till 31st May) 2017*
31st August, 2017 *
1st September, 2017
EICDRA Members INR (7500+1125) = INR 8625 INR 10500 + 1890= INR 12,390 INR 12000 +2160= INR 14,160
Non-members INR (10500+1575) = INR 12075 INR 12000 + 2160= INR 14,160 INR 15000 + 2700 = INR 17,700
Accompanying Person INR (6600 + 990) = INR 7590 INR 6600 + 1188= INR 7788 INR 7500 + 1350= INR 8850
PGTs INR (6000 + 900) = INR 6900 INR 6000 + 1080 = INR 7080 INR 7500 + 1350= INR 8850
Foreign Delegates USD (200 + 30) = USD 230 USD 250 + 45= USD 295 USD 360 + 65 = USD 425
Corporate Delegates INR (12000 + 1800) = INR 13800 INR 13500 + 2430 = INR 15, 930 INR 15000 + 2700 = INR 17,700

Registration online Registration offline

Workshop* INR (3000 + 540) = INR 3540
Master Classes* INR (2400 + 432) = INR 2832

*All rates are inclusive of 18% GST (Post 31st May) as per Government of India

Registration Policy

Kindly Note:

Payment Options

1. Online Payment:

2. Cheque/ Demand Draft:

3. Bank Transfer:
Name of Account: Eastern India Cosmetic Dermatology Research Academy
Account Number: 06201000500878
Bank Name: Punjab & Sind Bank
Branch: Salt Lake Br., Kolkata- 91
Type of Account: Savings Account
IFSC Code: PSIB0000620
Branch Code: 0620

For Registration Enquiries, Please Contact:
Aratrika Dasgupta
M: + 91 9804147881

Cancellation Policy


Abstract Topics

The contributory papers can be on any subject where dermatologists work to make the skin and features look better, viz. PRP, Lasers, Peels, Dermatosurgeries, any medical treatment protocol effective for a particular problem, etc.

It can be your own experience which you have tried and is giving good results for any particular problem.

The contributory paper session is an excellent platform where you can share your personalized medical protocol and/or surgical management (it may not be in standard textbooks/journals) where you are getting appreciable result.

The slogan of Aesthetica Asia is "Together We Learn".

Abstract Guidelines

Abstract Submission
For Free Papers
For Award Papers For e-Posters


S.No Hotel Name  Category Dist from B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Dist from G. B. Pant Hospital Rooms  Category Room Rates Room Rates
1 Sentinel 4 * Dlx 6 Km 2.1 Km Premiere  10700 CPAI 10700 CPAI
Deluxe 11800 CPAI 11800 CPAI
Luxury 14100 CPAI 14100 CPAI
2 Dev Haveli 3 * 6 Km   STD 6600 CPAI 6600 CPAI
3 Dev Mahal 3 * 6 Km   STD 6600 CPAI 6600 CPAI
4 Holiday Resort Budget  6 Km 2.7 Km STD 2850 CPAI 3100 CPAI
5 Holiday Inn Budget  6 Km 2.8 Km STD 3100 CPAI 3300 CPAI
6 Island Pride Budget  300 M 6.7 KM STD 2300 CPAI 2300 CPAI
7 Hotel Sahara Budget  300 M 6.4 KM STD 2301 CPAI 2301 CPAI

* CPAI- Rooms with complimentary breakfast and inclusive of taxes.

Please note:
For Travel and Accommodation queries, please contact:
Mr. Ravinder Rawat
M: +91 9650605609


Master Classes – 27th to 29th October, 2017
Venue - Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Port Blair
Date & Time HALL A HALL B
27th Oct, 8 – 9 am Lasers- Dr. Anil Ganjoo Liquid Face Lift / Make Ups - Dr. Apratim Goel
28th Oct, 8 – 9 am Dermatoscopy and Trichoscopy – Dr. Nilendu Sharma Fillers with Advance Indicators  - Dr. Pankaj Tiwari
29th Oct, 8 – 9 am Hair Surgery - FUE in Females- Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra Facial Rejuvenation - Dr. Ishad Aggarwal

Pre-Conference Workshop - 26th October, 2017
Venue – G.B. Pant Hospital, Port Blair
Time Workshop 1- Hall I Workshop 2- Hall II
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Melanocyte Transplant- Dr. R. S. Dwivedi PRP Session on Scalp & Face – Dr. Anil Ganjoo
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm Botox & Fillers- Dr. Soma Sarkar Dermato Surgery

Award Quiz
3:00 to 6:30 p.m.
Venue – G.B. Pant Hospital, Port Blair
Free participation for all delegates

We welcome you to the unique Award Quiz where you will be provided with Histopathology Slides will be given for identification and you are supposed to write the diagnosis or points leading to the diagnosis.

There will be a number of slides.

Scientific Program
27th Oct - Back To School
8.00 - 10.00 am Registration
8.00-9.00 am Workshop 1 - Hall A Workshop 2 - Hall B
Time Session theme  Session Name Speaker Moderator Chairperson Time Allotted
10-11 am Back to School Scalpel for Scar
Lecture 1 C.S. Sirka Local Anesthesia of Face Bidisha Guha Neogi Anil Ganjoo/  10-10.10
Scar revisions  Lecture 2 Manas Chatterjee Earlobe Repair Ravindra Chavan 10.10-10.20
Lecture 3 Divya Gorur Surgical approach to facial scar 10.20-10.30
11-11.30 Master's Class K. Muhhamed
Ganesh Pai Throwing Everything at acne- Devices and Drugs
11.30 - 12.30 INAUGURATION
12.30 - 1.15 Acne Session Lecture 2 Anuj Pal Era of MNRF- Acne Scars and Beyond Shilpa K   A.B. Samanta 12.30-12.40
Lecture 3 Sandeep Sharma Acne in PCOS 12.40-12.50
Lecture 4 Deepak Kulkarni Isotretinoin Concern & Consensus 12.50-1.00
Panel Indrajit Das Mridula Patra Paul    1.00-1.15
1.15- 2.00  LUNCH
Hair Raising Affairs (Sponsored by IPCA)
Back to School
2.00- 2.45 Hair transplant Lecture 1 Sandip Mahapatra Newer topical hair regrowth treatment Preetam Pankaj  Alok Roy 2.00-2.10
Lecture 2 Pradeep Shethi Artistry in Hair Transplant Arikha Sethi 2.10-2.20
Lecture 3 Sachin Yeole Hair transplant in advanced grade of ASA 2.20-2.30
Lecture 4 Narendra Kaushik Key to successful Hair Transplant
Panel C.S. Sirka, Anil Gosavi 2.30-2.45
2.45-3.45 Nail Biting Finish
Back to School
Nail Surgery Lecture 1 Shilpa K. Nail Biopsy                                                                                                                       Rana Ray/ 2.55-3.05
Lecture 2 Manas Puhan Recent management of ingrowing toe nails 3.05-3.15
Lecture 3 Sushil Tahiliani Nail problem-an overview Brig. Chattopadhyay 3.15-3.30
Panel V.S. Rathode, Shumez Hamidulla Pijush Sengar 3.30-3.45
3.45-4.30 Back to School
Vitiligo Surgeries Lecture 1 Munish Paul Melanocyte Cell Transplantation : Gega sessions, difficult sites R. S. Dwivedi Dinesh Mathur 3.45-4.15
Panel Surekha Chanan, Arun Kumar, Prem Narayan
4.15-5.10 Chaat Masala Lecture 1 Rakesh Dawar Local Facial Flap: Geometry and clinical application, easy to learn Manas Puhan Ravi Vikram Singh / Alok Roy 4.15-4.25
Raja Tiwari Minimal Access Gynecomastia Surgery 4.25-4.35
Supratim Saha Effectiveness and safety of autoinoculation in multiple viral warts: an observer blind, placebo controlled trial 4.35-4.45
 Sonal Jain  Topical steroids induced facial dermatosis 4.45-4.55
Ajay Sharma Body Fold Rejuvenation/Stretch Mark - an innovative approach 4.55-5.05
Palson Sponsored Session 5.05-5.10
5.10-5.30 Master Speak Nilendu Sharma Dermascopy and Pigmentation
8.00 - 10.00 am Registration
8.00-9.00 am Workshop 1- Hall A Workshop 2 - Hall B          
Time Session theme  Session Name Speaker   Moderator Chairperson Time Allotted
9.00-9.45   Time machine          
  Science of Ageing  Lecture 1 Nasiur Rahman Science of Ageing Rajetha Damishetty Prasenjit Mohanty/ Jayashree Mohanty 9.00-9.15
    Lecture 2 Meera James Combination Therapy in Anti-Ageing     9.15-9.30
    Panel Neetu Sadhna, Meera James, Bidisha Guha Neogi     9.30-9.45
9.45-10.45   Masking the Age' - through grooming and Make -Up          
    Lecture 1 Kanak Radha C. Beauty - Inside Out Divya Gorur   9.45-10.00
  Injectables Lecture 2 Sukesh Kathpalia Does the beauty lie in eyes of beholder?    Kiran Godse 10.00-10.15
    Lecture 3 Apratim Goel Make - Up and Grooming- How important is it for us     10.15-10.35
    Panel , Kathryn Stewart Shobha Raju, Swati Tripathi,Jyothsna Dasaraju     10.35-10.45
10.45 -11.45         Rupali Pawaskar    
  Pigmentation Lecture 1 Saumya Panda Interventions in melasma:    Abel Francis 10.45-11.15
        What the evidence does not say'.      
    Lecture 2 Siddhi Chikalkar Platter of cocktails in Melasma - Right Choice     11.15-11.25
    Lecture 3 Vani Veggalam Title: Intralesional Tranexamic acid: Safe and effective way of treatment for UV induced melasma?     11.25-11.35
    Panel Somia Tirki, Atul Sharma       11.35-11.45
11.45-12.15   Head Masters Class Sathish Sawant Facial Pigmentation - Dermatosurgery   K. Lokendro, R. N. Dutta  
  R. N. Dutta Memorial Oration            
12.15-1.00   Bloody Merry          
          Sheila Rohatgi Narendra Kaushik/  
  PRP Lecture 1 Kiran Godse PRP- Its use in Dermatology / Aesthetics   Paritosh Banerjee 12.15- 12.30
    Lecture 2 Srinivas P. Efficacy of Autologous PRP in periorbital hyperpigmentation     12.30-12.40
    Lecture 3 V. K. Sharma PRP - the AIIMS Experience     12.40-12.50
    Panel Rajetha Damishetty,  Raja Tiwari, Arup.D. Sarkar     12.50-1.00
1.00-2.00 LUNCH
2.00- 2.45   Light and other gadgets      Swetlina Pradhan    
            Baghel Nekram  
  Lasers for Aesthetic Indications Lecture 1 Apratim Goel RF v/s Lasers for Acne Scars. How to choose     2.00-2.15
    Lecture 2 Sheila Rohatgi Rejuvenation with HIFU     2.15-2.30
    Lecture 3 Vijay Nagdev Laser Hair removal- Myths and Facts     2.30-2.45
2.45 - 3.45   Getting En-Light-ed          
    Lecture 1 Rohit Batra Basics of Lasers Poonam Negi Sheena Arora 2.45-3.05
    Lecture 2 Avitos John Lasers in Pigmentation   Sankar Das 3.05-3.10
  Basics of Lasers Lecture 3 Ganesh Pai Lasers in Tattoo & Pigmentation     3.10-3.20
    Lectiure 4 Pritam Pankaj Complications of Laser Treatment     3.20-3.30
  Panel D.K. Mishra, Sawati Tripathi, Pooja Nagdev         3.30-3.45
3.45 - 4.15              
  Boxing Ring - Debate Speaker for the motion Apratim Goel Skin Whitening - A boon to the society      
    Speaker Against the motion Rajetha Damishetty Skin Whitening - A boon to the society      
4.15-5.00 A DATE WITH APRATIM GOEL How different is cosmetic practice from clinical dermatology          
8.00 - 10.00 am Registration
8.00-9.00 am Workshop 1- Hall A Workshop 2 - Hall B          
9 - 10.30 AWARD PAPERS (7+2 = 9 mins per paper) - Judge - Dinesh Mathur
      Siddarth Dash Autologous platelet rich plasma in chronic venous ulcers      
      P. Srinivas Intralesional immunotherapy with Bacillus-Callmatte-Guerin in Subungual or Periungual wart. A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial in a tertiary care Centre of Eastern India.      
      Ashish Kumar Nayak Role of autologous platelet rich fibrin matrix in non-healing trophic ulcer of Hansens Disease - A Study      
      Amit Behera Intralesional vitamin D3 in palmoplanter warts      
      Prem Kumar Copper Peptide-Promising Treatment in Acne Scar      
Supratim Saha Autologous platelet rich plasma therapy  versus plaster casting in trophic ulcers of leprosy: an institution based, randomized, observer-blind clinical trial
      Subhransu Jena Post-Tattoo Complications- A Clinicopathological Study      
    Srikanta Acharya Microneedling v/s Microneedling plus PRP - A Split face study  
10.30-11.30   Chaat Masala (to learn together          
    Lecture 1 Kaushal Verma Radioactive skin patch-Anovel treatment of keloids   Surajit Naik  
    Lecture 2 Madhu Rengarajan How to face a fungal face   Swapna jena  
    Lecture 3 Supratim Saha A case control study to determine psychiatric morbidity and quality of life among patience with androgenetic alopecia      
    Lecture 4 Snahasish Naskar A case with aesthetic complaints solved by medical management      
11.30 - 12.00   Chai pe Charcha          
  Panel Discussion    Ranabir Paul How to write a research protocol; Science & Art of Publishing Research Data   Shumez Hamidulla 11.30-11.45
      Shantanu Tripathi Ethical Aspects     11.45-12.00


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Organizing Committee

Prof. Rathindra Nath Dutta
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Organising Secretary
Dr. Ashim Kumar Sarkar
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Conference Manager

CIMGlobal India Pvt. Ltd.
Ms. Aratrika Dasgupta
icon 2 +91 9804147881
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