7th Aesthetica Asia Conference 2023

Abstract Preparation Instructions

Abstract submission for:-

  • Award paper
  • Oral free paper
  • Award E-paper
  • Free E-poster


  • Abstract submission opens on 1st Dec’20 and closes on 6th Jan’21.
  • Abstract has to be submitted at the dedicated portal … after registering yourself for the conference.
  • Registration for the conference will be free for the duration of abstract submission.
  • The site will stop accepting abstracts from 6th Jan’21
  • Abstract received by e-mail will not be evaluated.
  • For award E-paper-only original research will be considered. Case reports and small case series will not be considered.
  • A presenting author has to submit the abstract himself/ herself.
  • A presenting author can submit a maximum of 2 abstracts for consideration.
  • The decision of abstract evaluation will be communicated by e-mail to the submitting (presenting) author by 10th Jan’21
  • Abstracts not selected for Award Paper or Oral Free Paper or Award e- Poster will be shifted to the free e-Poster category.
  • Abstract category
  • Case description
  • Original research
  • Submission category
  • Award paper
  • Oral free paper
  • Award e-Poster
  • Free e-Poster only


Abstract preparation instructions:-

  • The abstract should be related to aesthetic, cosmetic, dermatosurgeury, and laser science preferably the personal experience of the presenting author. The time of the presentation will be 6 minutes.
  • For E poster- It should be in ppt slide form with maximum of 5 slides
  • All abstracts must be submitted in English- Times New Roman, with a font size of 12 and double spacing.
  • To ensure blinded review-no identifying features such as names of hospitals, medical colleges, clinics or places may be listed in the title or text of the abstract.
  • Do not include the names of authors and their affiliations in the abstract body. There will be the provision of entering author details and their affiliation(s) in the submission platform.
  • The material in the abstract must be original and not previously published.
  • The title should be as brief as possible but long enough to clearly indicate the nature of the study.
  • Abbreviations must not be used in the title. The title should not be written entirely in capital letters.
  • The size of the abstract is limited to 300 words (excluding title, authors, their affiliations, etc.)
  • The brand names or name of the manufacturers for any drug or equipment is strictly prohibited. Use generic name(s).
  • Structure your abstract using the following subheadings:
  1. Background
  2. Aims & objectives
  • Materials/patients & methods: Describe your selection of observations or experimental subjects precisely
  1. Results: Describe your results in a logical sequence
  2. Conclusions: Emphasise new and important aspects of the study and conclusions that are drawn from them
  3. Limitations
  • Conflict of interest: Declaration of conflict of interest is mandatory
  • No references, graphs, figures, or tables are needed with abstract submission.
  • Check spelling and grammar carefully.
  • The abstract text will not be edited and will be reproduced in the submitted form in the e-abstract book.
  • Abstract body formatting

1) For Case Description Category Introduction Description of the case Conclusion. Mention why the case is unique and worth presenting

2) For Original Research Category  Background  Objective/s  Patients/ materials and methods Results Limitations Conclusion