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Official Publication of the Eastern India Cosmetic Dermatology Research Academy

Aesthetics International, the esteemed official publication of the Eastern India Cosmetic Dermatology Research Academy, is dedicated to fostering the growth, recognition, and dissemination of knowledge, expertise, and innovative research among doctors, students, researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals globally. This publication serves as a beacon for those committed to the advancement of dermatological sciences, offering a platform for the exchange of groundbreaking ideas and findings in the field.

In our pursuit to broaden the scope and depth of dermatological knowledge, Aesthetics International warmly invites authors to submit their manuscripts that encompass a wide range of topics. These include, but are not limited to, technical and clinical studies that address health, ethical, and social issues within clinical and experimental dermatology, cutaneous biology, and dermatological therapeutics.

Key areas of interest for our publication also extend to cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery, areas which represent the cutting edge of dermatological practice. Articles that explore the latest techniques, outcomes, and ethical considerations in cosmetic procedures can significantly contribute to our understanding and application of these treatments. Cosmetic surgery, with its intricate blend of art and science, offers rich insights into aesthetic enhancements and reconstructive techniques that improve patient wellbeing and confidence.

Furthermore, Aesthetics International is eager to feature articles on innovative hair therapy research and developments. Hair therapy, a crucial aspect of dermatological treatment, encompasses a wide array of interventions from non-surgical options like topical treatments and medications to advanced surgical procedures. Studies and articles that delve into new findings, patient case studies, and comprehensive reviews of hair therapy techniques are highly valued.

Acne therapy, another pivotal area within dermatology, remains a topic of high interest for our readership. With the prevalence of acne affecting individuals across various age groups, research and articles that shed light on novel therapeutic strategies, patient management protocols, and the psychosocial impacts of acne are immensely beneficial. This includes discussions on traditional treatments, emerging pharmaceuticals, and innovative technological advancements in acne therapy.

By including these focal areas within our publication's scope, Aesthetics International aims to enrich the field of dermatology with diverse and comprehensive content. We are committed to providing our readers with insights into the latest trends, research, and ethical considerations in dermatology, thereby fostering an informed and progressive dermatological community. Authors are encouraged to share their valuable research and perspectives with us, contributing to the global dialogue on dermatological science and practice.

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